Relationships are bedrock elements for working together, convening business interests, understanding and overcoming differing perspectives, and building better communities.

The Council for Quality Growth brings people together to engage in dynamic conversations and identify opportunities to move ahead with smart, sustainable growth in the Metro Atlanta region.

The Council Promotes Balanced and Responsible Growth through:

Promoting long-range planning and adequate delivery of government services

Serving as a catalyst for consensus on growth issues and economic opportunity

Providing a forum for discussion of good policy and thoughtful development

Our signature events provide networking opportunities.

Council members are able to engage with one another through several signature events, including the Four Pillar Tribute, the Meet & Greet, CID Recognition, and other recurring programs.

Council Membership can be a difference maker.

Your opportunity doesn’t stop or start at the county line – but regulations often do – and that can impact your ability to move a project forward. The Council can help. We offer a unique regional reach at the intersection of public policy and private investment.

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